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Healthy, fat-free cooking with high-quality products from Olympia


Mens sana in corpore sano
as if to say...."healthy food in a healthy pot"     

Olympia offers high-performance products entirely designed and made in Italy for healthy, fat-free cooking. Our products are made with materials certified according to the strictest European provisions that regulate products in contact with food, such as food-grade aluminum, water-based coatings suitable for food contact, PFOA FREE and NICKEL FREE. Thanks to our coatings, you will be able to cook without adding fat and your recipes will be lighter and healthier.

We offer a wide range of kitchen solutions, including pans, saucepans, casseroles and grills, die-cast aluminum products, robust and non-deformable, long-lasting for perfect cooking, energy saving, usable on all hobs and in the oven. Our products are environmentally and health friendly and have been designed to meet the new needs of good food, health and respect for the environment.

Choosing Olympia products means opting for high-performance cooking tools that represent Italian cuisine. Our mission is to offer high quality products for healthy, fat-free cooking, to help you follow a healthy lifestyle. We are confident that our products will make a difference in your kitchen.